Religion news 6 October

Call for investigation into allegations that bribes influenced the trial of Cardinal George Pell; Outrage at Rihanna’s raunchy use of the Islamic Hadith; Dean of Sheffield resigns after choir row; Goddess Temple opens in Redditch.

Factsheet: Islam

23 per cent of the world is Muslim. This fact sheet explains the history, beliefs, divisions and contemporary issues in the faith

Teaching religion: what makes people tick?

70% of young people aged 15-24 identify as having no religion. But the study of “religion and worldviews” helps students understand the complexity of ideas they encounter in daily life, leading to tolerance and respect.

Faiths mourn Covid’s one million dead

Faith leaders have expressed sadness and sorrow at the news that one million people have died of the coronavirus. They urge people to take responsiblity, stay safe and prevent further deaths.

Religion News 22 September

Pope calls for the coronavirus vaccine to be distributed equally; Conservative Roman Catholic front runner to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Muslim dating app “Muzmatch” soars in the pandemic.

Religion news 21 September

The Shofar heralds in the Jewish New year – 5781; Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Jewish roots motivated justice; Top journalists discuss “disproportionate focus on Islam” when reporting terrorism; 1662 prayer book now on Alexa.

Religion news 18 September

Jewish communities prepare to welcome int he New Year with services and family gatherings limited by the rule of six; People are suffering ‘moral injury’ in pandemic, unable to live their values due to restrictions; Research project to map interplay of faith, ethnicity and deprivation through the pandemic.