Trans Baptist minister in Canada told to quit church

Image credit: YouTube Pastor June

A Baptist minister in Canada, who came out as a trans woman in a zoom sermon, has lost her job after the congregation voted her out.

Junia Joplin’s sermon went viral on youtube,  viewed around 35,000 times. In it she said: “I want to proclaim to my transgender siblings that I believe in a God who knows your name, even if that name hasn’t been chosen yet. I believe in a God who calls you a beloved daughter even if your parents insist you’ll always be their son.”

In an interview with Vox News, she said she had received support from the congregation, but she was removed from office by 58-53 votes.

The leadership at Lorne Park church, Toronto, said in a statement: “After a month of prayerful discernment and discussions between June and the congregation, it was determined, for theological reasons, that it is not in God’s will that June remain as our pastor. We wish June God’s grace and peace as she departs from us.”

Vox News is reporting that six of the church’s eight executive council members have resigned and two members of the pastoral team.