Socially distanced Hajj 2020

Image credit: Life in Madina, Facebook

The Hajj pilgrimage is underway in Saudi Arabia, with a fraction of the people it usually attracts. It is the fifth pillar of Islam, outlining Islamic practice, and is obligatory if people are physically and financially able to attend.

Usually up to 3 million pilgrims make the journey each year, but because of Covid-19, this has been restricted to between 1,000 and 10,000 people, with all international visitors banned.

However, 70% have been selected to attend from foreign residents in the country. AFP is reporting that people taking part are subject to temperature checks and Covid19 tests as they arrive.

Fatin Daud, a 25 year old student from Malaysia, was chosen to attend and described having to wear an electronic bracelet to monitor her movements, being routinely tested, and obliged to stay in her hotel room where meals are brought to her.

The Hajj is broadcast live on various sites.