Church should pay attention to abuse of power among Roman Catholic nuns: commentators

Image credits: UCSanDiego, Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, University of Houston,

An article by Giovanni Cucci, SJ, in the influential Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, says the Church should pay attention to abuse of power and conscience within women’s congregations which can lead to forms of blackmail and power without limits. Story in our news round up here

Dr Sr Gemma Simmonds, director of the Religious Life Institute at Margaret Beaufort Institute in Cambridge. Involved in research on ‘Signs of Vitality in Religious Life’ 01223 741039

Ulrike Strasser, author of Early Modern Nuns and the Feminist Politics of Religion,

Helen Rose Ebaugh, Professor Emeritus, University of Houston, Texas. author of ‘Patriarchal bargains and latent avenues of social mobility: Nuns in the Roman Catholic Church