Religion news 27 October

Faith groups combine with wider community to provide free school meals; Amy Coney Barrett, devout conservative Catholic, confirmed to US Supreme Court; Hindu festivals in the UK forced online

Religion news 26 October

Welsh church leaders threaten judicial review of building closures during lockdown; Middle East countries boycott French goods in cartoons row; Women confront priests in church services over Poland’s abortion law change

Religion news 23 October

Former Bishop of Chester abused 18 people; Vatican renews agreement with China over the appointment of bishops; Bill to allow humanist weddings presented to the Commons

Religion news 22 October

Pope Francis supports same sex civil unions; Bishop of London urges government to tackle the coronavirus pandemic at local level; Three social media giants take action against holocaust deniers and hate speech

French backlash against Muslims after teacher beheaded

Anti-Islamic sentiment is rising in France after a history teacher was beheaded for showing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed to his class. Muslim leaders have condemned the attack as against the teachings of Islam.

Religion news 21 October

Concern at anti Islam sentiments following teacher beheading in France; Stop speaking out or face disestablishment, Bishops warned; Global faith leaders call, once more, for world peace.

Religion news 20 October

Archbishop warns the union of the UK is at stake because of the internal markets bill; Places of worship in Wales close for two weeks; Muslim associations raided in France

Religion news 19 October

Archbishops warn of dangerous precedent if UK breaks international law; Peerage snub for John Sentamu “institutional prejudice”; French teacher killed for showing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed