Ruth Peacock

Religion news 29 October

Deep concern and call to action over refugee family’s death crossing the channel; France issues safety advice to citizens living in Muslim majority countries; Antisemitism within the anti vaccine movement

Religion news 28 October

South Wales police force church service to close during lockdown; Irish churches revolt against proposed Covid-19 closure; French government accused of scapegoating Muslims

Religion news 27 October

Faith groups combine with wider community to provide free school meals; Amy Coney Barrett, devout conservative Catholic, confirmed to US Supreme Court; Hindu festivals in the UK forced online

Religion news 26 October

Welsh church leaders threaten judicial review of building closures during lockdown; Middle East countries boycott French goods in cartoons row; Women confront priests in church services over Poland’s abortion law change

Religion news 23 October

Former Bishop of Chester abused 18 people; Vatican renews agreement with China over the appointment of bishops; Bill to allow humanist weddings presented to the Commons

Religion news 22 October

Pope Francis supports same sex civil unions; Bishop of London urges government to tackle the coronavirus pandemic at local level; Three social media giants take action against holocaust deniers and hate speech

Religion news 21 October

Concern at anti Islam sentiments following teacher beheading in France; Stop speaking out or face disestablishment, Bishops warned; Global faith leaders call, once more, for world peace.

Religion news 20 October

Archbishop warns the union of the UK is at stake because of the internal markets bill; Places of worship in Wales close for two weeks; Muslim associations raided in France