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Religion news 23 November

Rabbi warns against relaxing lockdown rules: “It is not religious to give someone Covid for Christmas”; Rigpa Fellowship “mismanagement and misconduct”; Is a government faith engagement department on the cards?

Religion news 20 November

Church of England split on the cards if rules on sexuality are changed; funeral company says banning collective worship has devastating impact; Muslim leaders in France required to accept a charter of republican values

Religion news 19 November

Dean Martyn Percy steps aside in a saga which ‘has more bizarre twists than The Crown’; Starmer bans Corbyn after Jewish community’s outrage over his readmission to party; Police uniform in New Zealand includes a hijab

Summer’s over: Paganism and the festival of Samhain

The festival of Samhain on 31 October, has ancient origins marking variously the end of summer, the beginning of the Celtic new year, the veneration of the dead and a fire festival in the agricultural year. It is observed by many Pagans and is associated with divining the future.

Factsheet: Judaism

Fact sheet with suggested commentators on the beliefs, organisation, customs and groups within Judaism – the first of the Abrahamic religions.

Factsheet: Hinduism

Facts and stats about Hinduism, the third largest religion in the UK, includes explanation of diverse beliefs, traditions and practices.

Factsheet: Christianity

Fact sheet on Christianity, with 2.5 followers – 30% of the global population. Facts, stats, beliefs, customs, church denominations and key controversies.

Factsheet: Islam

23 per cent of the world is Muslim. This fact sheet explains the history, beliefs, divisions and contemporary issues in the faith

Religion news 18 November

£1.8million to help build tolerant society; Jewish Labour Movement criticises Jeremy Corbyn’s re-instatement after antisemitism row; Council takes court action to close Christian bookshop which flouted lockdown rules

Religion news 17 November

Police crack down on Christians’ resistance to lockdown; Macron rails against English language media over reports of recent murders; 300 faith organisations support charity events on Mitzvah Day